Yoga and meditation are an essential part of the detox program and the daily maintenance of a healthy mind and body. The gentle movements of the yoga poses invigorate the lymphatic system and balance the secretion of hormones, thereby also helping to balance our emotions.

The meditation facilitates mental detox. When we are detoxing our body, often disturbing emotions may arise. Mantra chanting and meditation helps to clear our mind and move forward with positive ideation of love and benevolence. The meditation thereby helps the healing process and moving towards vibrant health, inner peace, and joy.

Ananda Marga Yoga

Ananda Marga yoga poses (asanas) are based on classical Hatha Yoga and emphasize slow, gentle movements to enhance deep relaxation, stress release, and mental concentration. The asanas strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular hormone secretion. In addition to this gentle style of asanas, we teach some very dynamic yoga exercises known as Kaos'ikii and Tandava. The combination of the gentle and the dynamic approach is found to be highly beneficial for maintenance and development of both body and mind.

Weaknesses in the nervous system and glandular hormone secretion creates restlessness in the mind. Throughout the ages, yogis have developed specific yoga poses (asanas) to gain control over the restless mind. The asanas gently massage the endocrine glands and stimulate them to secrete the optimal quantity of hormones. A calm and balanced mind benefits our daily life and meditation. This profound science of yoga is highly interesting and is taught in all our yoga classes and retreats.

This subtle style is pleasing to those who seek yoga to start the day in a gentle yet energizing way or to de-stress after a tough and busy day. Yoga injuries are rare, if not unheard of in our gentle and non-competitive approach. Our classes also include meditation to enhance relaxation, concentration, and utilization of our mental capacity. But more than that, meditation helps us understand your spiritual potentialities. Our teachers are highly qualified and educated in this profound science of yoga and Tantra alike.


Ananda Marga Meditation

Meditation means to look deep within the mind to understand the essence of our existence. It enhances relaxation, concentration, and utilization of our mental capacity. It calms the breath, heart rate, and lowers the blood pressure.

Regular practice broadens the scope of our mind, develops intuition and a sense of a deeper connection to all forms of life. We start to understand how everything in the universe is interrelated and connected, that we are not separate beings. We experience how our consciousness is part of and connected to our higher, universal consciousness. All this can be experienced without being religious or dogmatic, and help to make the mind calm, focused and open.

Our meditation techniques help us to enter deeper and deeper into our mind. The deeper we enter, the fewer vibrations and thoughts influence the mind. We feel a sense of calmness and harmony, and experience a state of peace and bliss. Eventually, the mind becomes so calm that we experience the essence of the universe, and how we are all connected. This fills life with direction, purpose, and fulfillment. Life becomes meaningful.

During the detox camps, we use the mantra BABA NAM KEVALAM (meaning “Love is All there Is”) for chanting and for meditation. This meditation is very effective, safe, and helps the mind to transcend mundane thoughts and become blissful and peaceful.

The chanting of the mantra along with a simple dance is called Kiirtana and is an ancient music tradition from India. The dance is called Laliita Marmika and has profound importance in Indian history as it was invented by Parvatii, the wife of Lord Shiva, around 7,000 years ago. The Kiirtana tradition was revived by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji and made an essential part of the spiritual practices of Ananda Marga. Singing Kiirtana prepares the mind for meditation and creates a spiritual vibration that has a healing effect on the body and mind.