Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Center in Flushing, New York, provides an introduction to detox, health, fasting, and natural healing through weekend retreats. The weekend detox retreats at Melbourne Avenue offer unique opportunity to enjoy a retreat where you can detoxify, connect to your Inner Being, and relax without having to leave the city! The groups are small (usually between four to ten attendees) but we will sometimes invite some friends over for the collective meditation to enjoy lively Kiirtana (mantra chanting) and social interactions. Smaller group size allows more individual attention and also enables personalized adjustments to the program.

Food and juice served on the retreat are mostly organic and specially selected for quality. We grow our sprouts and wheatgrass that we serve at the retreat.

Participants are welcome to join in meal preparations and learn how to craft healthy fruit and vegetable juices and also the art of vegetarian cooking. If you would like to experience a deeper cleanse and natural healing, it is recommended to continue the natural way of cleansing the body through alkaline vegetarian diet and regular fasting.

What to expect:

    Daily Workshops on Holistic Wellness, Detox cuisine, and Naturopathic Health

    Daily Yoga & Meditation

    Group and Individual Support

    Delicious Light Foods

    A Day of Juice & Broth Fasting

    Informative & Supportive Staff

    Private/Semi-Private Rooms

Photo by Deva Williamson / Unsplash